Standard Room with shared Ensuite


Room type

Single Room + Shared Ensuite.

Maximum occupancy

One (1) person.

Maximum price for room

The maximum price that you can be charged for this room is a Refundable Accommodation Deposit of $325,000 with no Daily Accommodation Payment. Alternatively the maximum daily payment you can be charged is $51.38 per day.

Explanation of payment

Residents can choose to pay for their accommodation by a Refundable Accommodation Deposit, a Daily Accommodation Payment, or a combination of both. A Refundable Accommodation Deposit is paid as a lump sum amount. A Daily Accommodation Payment accrues daily and is paid periodically, at least fortnightly in advance.
A combination payment includes both a Refundable Accommdation Deposit and Daily Accommodation Payments.

Example of a combination payment for room

For this room a resident could pay, for example, 50% of the price by a Refundable Accommodation Deposit of $162,500 and 50% of the price by Daily Accommodation Payments of $25.69.

Room description

All rooms are air conditioned. All rooms are provided with electronic bed, bedside table, armchair and wardrobe.

Room size (excluding ensuite)

Between 17-19m².

Common areas

Residents have access to comunal dining rooms, intimate sittiing and lounge areas, a TV room, spacious recretion room, well equipped library (including internt access and a large movie selection), well maintained garden areas, courtyards, balconies, access to a Kiosk, tea and coffee making facilities, and direct lift access from the care park to residential floors and the link way to other areas of the facility.

Additional care or services included in the room price

Access to a veterans' welfare officer. We have an extensive lifestlye program which operates six days per week featuring bus trips, outings, shopping trips, exercise classes, cultural and spiritual activities, concerts and special events.

Optional additional care or services charged at extra cost

Onsite Hairdresser and Barber services, Doctors clinic two days per week, onsite Physiotherapists five days per week, fortnightly visiting Podiatrist, affiliation with local Pharmacy, telephone and internet costs, electrical testing and tagging of personal appliances, labelling of clothes for laundry services.


Contact Info

8 Blundell Parade, Corrimal NSW 2518

Telephone. (02) 4225 4700
Facsimile. (02) 4225 4750
Email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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